Therapy for Busy Couples

We have been to two other therapists during our 18 year relationship and Lisa was the best fit for us – most importantly because my husband felt comfortable with her. She never made either of us feel “wrong” and wasn’t too “touchy feely” but provided us the process and path to grow based on our individual paces and styles. The process was very comfortable for us both. Friends have asked for her information after seeing the progress my husband and I made and are having a similar experience. Lisa is a good fit for anyone that is ready to elevate their relationship and who wants a guide who allows both individuals to feel comfortable along the path to a better relationship. A.W., Mill Valley

Is your schedule so busy that therapy doesn’t become a priority until there is a crisis?

Studies tell us couples often wait six years after conflicts arise until they finally begin therapy. But the longer you avoid therapy and addressing your issues, the more entrenched or damaging they become.

I use solution-focused, research-based strategies that address core issues and conflicts, as well as provide brief exercises and goals with action plans that fit into your busy schedule. After each session I send clients follow-up notes reviewing the main issues discussed with homework for the week. Clients find that having these notes helps them to stay motivated and gives them an easy way to reference their goals and progress.

-Learn new research-based strategies derived from couples therapy researchers and authors John Gottman and Sue Johnson
-Gain effective skills for increasing communication and intimacy, resolving conflicts, and understanding and shifting the dynamics and patterns that create distance or distress
-Take home an information packet outlining key theories, skills and tools and a personalized action plan

$150 per session

Payments are paid for the month in advance in order to reserve your sessions

Insurance reimbursement is available upon request. I recommend clients use an app that does all the insurance processing for you called Better. Take a photo of your invoice and upload it to the app. They do the rest.